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Customizing FA Client Portal

FA Client Portal is an open-source React application that allows clients to access their investments on both mobile and desktop devices. Clients can use it to see their holdings, transactions, orders and documents and to create trade orders for securities. To learn more about the FA Client Portal, see FA Client Portal Reference.


To make changes to translations, icons, and contact info, replace or edit the corresponding files (for instructions, see FA Client Portal setupin FA Admin guide).

To customize FA Client Portal fully to suit your needs, you need to modify the source code. To do this:

  1. Clone the project repository available at

  2. Develop and test your changes locally.

  3. Build the project.

For more information on these steps, see

To deploy the customized FA Client Portal to your FA environment:

  1. Pack the contents of the build directory into a ZIP file.

  2. In the FA environment, go to Tools -> Administer ->Install optional packages.

  3. From under Other packages, install FA Custom Client Portal Installer Route.

  4. Navigate to Tools-Administer → FA Client Portal → Upload customizations.

  5. Select Customized FA Client Portal (as a ZIP file) and upload your ZIP file.

Forking the FA Client Portal repository

You can fork the FA Client Portal repository in Bitbucket by following the instructions in their documentation.

Forking the FA Client Portal repository creates your own remote copy (fork) in Bitbucket, to which you can push changes without affecting the original repository. When new commits are made to the original repository, you can use Bitbucket's sync functionality to pull them to your fork.