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Customizing FA Client Portal

FA Client Portal is an open-source React, Typescript application that allows clients to view and manage their investments on mobile and desktop devices. To learn more about FA Client Portal, see FA Client Portal Reference.

The standard version of FA Client Portal can be installed from Optional packages in the FA Platform. With the standard version, you can change the logo/icon, text translations, and the "Contact info" page of the application (for instructions, see FA Client Portal setup in FA Admin guide). 

If you need to make other changes, you can choose to develop and maintain a custom version of FA Client Portal by forking our public repository and following the instructions within its The readme covers the following topics:

  • Getting started.

  • Customizing.

  • Deploying (to test and production).


FA Solutions doesn't offer support for custom versions of FA Client Portal. You will have to maintain your custom version and manually merge (if needed) any new features released in the standard FA Client Portal, yourself.