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Create transactions from positions

When to use this functionality

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This is general-purpose function and it can be used in a variety of situations. Some of the typical use cases could be for example partial redemption or switch from a security to another using the reinvest option.

Create transactions (or trade orders)
  1. Go to Positions.

  2. Search for the positions you wish to use as the starting point.

  3. Select Create transactions.

  4. Fill in parameters.

    • Select which kind of object you want to create: Trade orders or transactions.

    • Security field is read-only and the selected security is the one from the listed positions.

    • Select transaction type. List of available transactions is limited to the types available for the selected security.

    • Select execution method. This is available only if you are creating trade orders.

    • Enter the amount. This is a percentage of the original position size.

    • Enter the unit price to be used in created transactions. Field supports question mark to get the latest available price.

    • Enter transaction date.

    • Enter settlement date.

    • Add tags.

  5. Re-invest (only available if the transaction type selected above has a positive cash effect)

    • Click Add security. You can reinvest into multiple securities. Add as many securities you need.

    • Fill in parameters.

      • Select security you wish to reinvest in. 

      • Other parameters are just like in step 4. The amount field is the percentage of the money received from the initial transaction.

    • Each security block can be removed with Remove button. This will remove the security from the screen and reset the preview.

  6. Click Preview.

  7. If everything looks good, click Confirm. If you need to make changes, change the fields you want and click Preview again.