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Warnings tab

When you calculate NAV, FA Fund Management checks the underlying data and shows you warnings if there is anything to double-check.


Share class and Portfolio warnings

Share class and Portfolio warnings are based on the decision table rules that check share classes and portfolios. To learn more about decision tables, see Business rules.

The default decision table contains the following checks that you can adjust:

  • Negative positions or cash account balance (portfolio)

  • Market price older than calculation date (portfolio)

  • Price has changed more than 5% for stocks (portfolio)

  • Price has changed more than 1% for other securities and currencies (portfolio)

  • Fund performance vs. benchmark differs by more than 1% (share class).

  • The difference in the outstanding units in the current and previous NAV calculation doesn't match the number of units from the executed transactions (share class).

Limit warnings

Limit warnings mean that the fund portfolio positions are close to or outside the warning or breach thresholds set for the portfolio.

  • Warning: portfolio values are beyond the warning threshold.

  • Breached: portfolio values are outside the breach threshold.

To learn more about setting investment limits in FA Back, see Portfolio limits.