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Share class details pane

The Share class details pane on the right shows information about the share class selected from the list.

Edit share class buttons

Edit share class button edit.png

Opens the Share class wizard where you can edit the sahre class details.

View in FA Back button NAV_settings.png

Opens the fund portfolio, NAV, and fees calculation settings in FA Back.

Basic info

Basic info shows the share class security information in FA Back (Code, ISIN code, Currency) and the NAV data (Latest NAV as well as the NAV history graph).


Orders information shows outstanding trade orders for the share class affecting the next NAV calculation.

Total count

Total number of outstanding trade orders. The number is based on the trade orders marked as executable in FA Back.

Total value

Value of outstanding trade orders. The calculation depends on how the trade order was entered in FA Back:

  • If the trade orders are based on the trade amount, Total value shows total net value. It is shown on the share class level, and also on the fund level, if all fund share classes are in the same currency.

  • If the trade orders are based on the number of units, Total value shows total number estimated with latest NAV:

    Equation 10.