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Reports from search views

In addition to generating new reports from the Report window or printing out reports opened on the Overview, you can also print out reports from the Contacts viewPortfolios viewTransactions viewTrade orders view or Positions view.

Generating a report from a search view

When printing out a report from a search view, the report is always printed out for the search result, e.g. for the searched contacts or portfolios, transactions or trade orders.

In order to print out a report from a search view, first make a search you want to print out your report to, and then open the Report window from the printer icon in the top-right corner of the window. The report window does not include a field for you to select a group, customer or portfolio - the search result on the view will constitute the set of portfolios the report will be printed out for.


Reports from different search views

For contacts and portfolios, e.g. when printing out a report directly from Contacts or Portfolios view, the search result represents the set of portfolios the selected report will be printed for. All other report generation criteria are available for you to further restrict the report.

For transactions and trade orders, e.g. when printing out a report directly from Transactions or Trade orders view, the report will only include the transactions within the search result. Only certain reports are available for transactions and trade orders, such as export reports, transaction listings and trade confirmations. For these reports, only report language and format are selectable as report generation criteria - restrict the report by searching for appropriate transactions from the transactions view.