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Preset rebalancing configurations

When to use this function:

Rebalance templates can be used when you want to use saved configurations for rebalancing. This allows you to save multiple sets for different purposes.

These models can also be used in automatic flows.

How to get it working:

Read the rebalancing instructions from FA Help Desk; create model portfolios, link the model portfolios.

If you want to set some portfolios for liquidation, then you need to set the portfolio tag Liquidation to these portfolios. All other templates are using portfolio group, that has all active Asset Management portfolios.

From Tools - Administer - Rebalance… you can find rebalance configurations.

Select the configuration set based on the use case (below table has three preset use cases).

Rebalancing templates in FA Template:

In the FA model, these models help to rebalance in these situations:


    Used to balance cash accounts. Distribute money only for the cash invested or sell only in accordance with the corresponding plan.

    There are two scenarios, when this template can be used.

    a) Used if there is a new money (deposits / dividends etc.) or negatively drifting cash (buy transactions, withdrawals).

    b) As a second phase in rebalancing flow; when sell orders are settled (see 2. Rebalance) this cash can be used to buy instruments according the model portfolio.


    Creates sell orders getting in line with model portfolio (drift or new model portfolio). If there is extra money in the portfolio, these are allocated to correct buy -orders.

    Note! After this rebalance is done and money from sell is settled use cash rebalance to distribute the cash according to the model.


    This template is used when you want to liquidate the entire portfolio. This is often related to portfolio closure.