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Maintain shareholder registry


The Shareholder registry in the Fund Management app is designed to show information of the each of the shareholders of your funds and which share classes they own. This allows you to keep track of the shareholders of your funds and to view the most relevant information.

View fund shareholders


To view the list of fund shareholders:

  1. Go to th Shareholder registry view in the FA Fund Management app.

  2. Choose the fund from the dropdown box at the top.

The view shows the shareholders in the selected fund. To view the details of a specific shareholder, click the shareholder name in the table. You can also click thearrow next to the shareholder name in the table to see the breakdown of their ownership per share class and per purchase lot.

Generate the Shareholders report

After you choose a fund, you can print out a shareholder report which lists shareholders per share class and also shows the purchase lots and address information. To generate the report, click the Excel icon xlsx_NAV_report_button.png at the top-right. Note that the report is created for the selected date.

Pawn positions and creating unit certificates

You can use FA Fund Management to pawn fund shares and create unit certificates against them.

  1. Go to the Shareholder registry view in FA Fund Management.

  2. Choose the fund from the dropdown.

  3. Choose the shareholder.

  4. Click unit_certificate.png in the details pane on the right.

  5. Define how many units you wish to pawn and click Create.

The unit certificate is downloaded to your computer and saved in the document library under the transaction.. A transaction of the Unit certificate type is saved in FA to track the pawned units.