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Launch a process from FA Back

You can launch a Flowable process directly from FA Back by using the process called "Flowable launcher". With Flowable launcher, you can select a set of contacts, portfolios, trade orders, or transactions and use this data in a Flowable process.

Configure Flowable launcher

To use Flowable launcher:

  1. Install Flowable launcher in the FA Back App Store.

  2. Configure a Flowable launcher instance. Set the following values:



    Configuration set key

    A unique key that defines Flowable launcher.

    Configuration set name

    The label used for the button that starts Flowable launcher in FA Back.

    Configuration set namespace

    The object and section where Flowable launcher is available.

    Example: if you use the value contacts, you will be able to run Flowable launcher in the "Contacts" section on the selected contacts.

    Event key

    Event key of the Flowable process. The event key is used to link Flowable launcher to your Flowable process.


    A setting that defines how the Flowable launcher result is grouped when sending data to the Flowable process.

    You have the following options:

    • Portfolio: The result is grouped per portfolio.

    • Contact: The result is grouped per contact.

    • No grouping: The data is not grouped.

    Example: You run Flowable launcher on trade orders and you select the grouping per portfolio. Then you go to the Trade orders view, select trade orders, and launch your process. Let's assume that you selected trade orders from two portfolios. Flowable launcher will group the data in two sets: the trade orders of the first portfolio and the trade orders of the second portfolio. Flowable launcher will then send each set to a separate Flowable process.

Configure your Flowable process

Configure your Flowable process:

  1. Start your process with a Start event registry event.

  2. Set the Event key in the Start event registry event with the same value as the one in the FA Back Flowable launcher settings.

  3. Set the Channel key field to the flowable-inbound value.

  4. Map the data coming from Flowable launcher by configuring the Mapping from event payload values in the Start event registry event. You can then create variables for your Flowable process using fields given by Flowable launcher. The available fields depend on the grouping you defined in the Flowable launcher configuration:


    Availability in grouping



    • No grouping

    • Contact

    • Portfolio

    List of the IDs of the selected items on which the Flowable launcher is run. For example: to run Flowable launcher on certain trade orders you will set the Configuration set namespace to tradeOrders, then ids will contain the list of the trade order IDs.



    • Contact

    Database ID of the contact.


    • Contact

    ID of the contact defined in the Contact window.


    • Contact

    Full name of the contact.


    • Portfolio

    Portfolio ID.


    • Portfolio

    Short name of the portfolio.


    • Portfolio

    Portfolio name.

    For example, if you group the data by Contact, you could map the fields like this:


When you configured the Start event registry event, you can configure the rest of your Flowable process. To learn more, see Process workflow.