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Generate ex-ante costs and charges report


Report showing breakdown of projected costs and charges on the portfolio according to the ESMA classification: One-off charges, Ongoing charges, Transaction charges, Ancillary services, Incidental costs, third-party payments and other costs. Costs and charges are grouped by Investment services, Financial Instruments and Total costs and charges. In addition, the report shows the return of the portfolio (TWR) before and after projected costs and charges.

Note, that the report may be run against:

  • A single portfolio*

  • One or more transactions or trade orders

  • A model portfolio (in which case an amount must also be provided)**

*Note, that the report may not currently be run against a portfolio which has subportolios; this may be supported in a future version of the report.

**Launching the report against a model must be done by via Ex-ante report generator, because model portfolios cannot be chosen when running reports via core product functionality. This process also supports choosing expected return, date range and kickback settings even if running the report vs. a transaction or trade order.

The date selections of the report work as follows:

  • If both start date and end date are provided, they are used as-is, rounded to full years. E.g. start date 2018-07-18, end date 2019-07-18 produces a 1-year projection.

  • If only the end date is given, that is used as the start date, and value is projected 2 years ahead. This was done in order for us to be able to project costs based on a transaction/trade order, which doesn't normally allow a date range selection.

  • Providing no dates, or providing only a start date, are not supported.

  • Note, that the latest version of the report only projects full years. If you choose a time period less than one year long, it will project for 1 year.

Setting up expected return and costs to instruments

Expected return comes from your configuration of Ex-ante report generator, or defaults to 8% if you haven't installed/configured that process. If you generate a report via Ex-ante report generator, you have the option to override the expected return to be whatever you choose.

Investment services -costs come from the portfolio in question.






Note that the report doesn't currently care about the cost categorization of portfolio cost types; it only cares about the cost type's type code (see below image), which must exactly match one of the above choices.


Financial instruments -costs come from the underlying securities:


If you are projecting against one or more transactions or trade orders, then the costs in those transactions/orders are taken into account as startup costs (if they are categorized into one of the ex-cost categories).

How to run the report?

Against the chosen portfolio (only a single portfolio is supported at this time!):


Against one or more transactions:


Running the report against one or more trade orders works the same way.

You may also generate the report against a portfolio, transactions, or trade orders via Ex-ante report generator.


Note, Ex Ante generation is not part of the Standard Solution yet.

If you need it, please notify about the need!

How do third-party payments work?

Please refer to the kickbacks/third-party payments section of Ex-ante costs and charges, detailed calculation logic.