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Forms view

The Forms view provides you access to the builder to design forms that you can embed in HTML pages. Forms can be accessed through the GraphQL API.

Forms let you collect information that can be further handled by external apps. For example, an app can display a form for new clients to fill in and save the data in FA or print it out as a PDF. To implement this, the form should be included in a process via the User task element.


List of forms

The Forms view shows the List of forms with the following columns:


The form name is for you to distinguish between the forms, it isn’t shown anywhere else.

Form ID

The form ID is used to include a form in a process (specify it as a form key value of the User task element when designing a process).


The buttons to manage forms:

  • Export form in a file that is save to your computer. Use this feature to copy created forms to another environment.

  • View, Edit or Delete form.


Add form

The Add form button at the top-right opens the form editor to create a form. The panel on the left contains the list of form components to choose from. To learn more about using the form components, see the user's guide. To save the form, enter the Form name at the bottom and click Save form.

Import form

The Import form button lets you upload the .faform file with the form. Use this feature to copy forms from other environments.